We Are The Rovers - Korea Teaser Parajet teaser
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We Are The Rovers - Korea Teaser Kangook teaser
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We Are The Rovers - Korea Teaser Official teaser
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"Travelling at the antipodes of wilderness with your paramotor...Buldings, motorways, bridges and city ponds. But in the end it is all about you explore it ! Follow our 3 pilots diving in the street, touching cars, feet draging the harbor and escape in the clouds, above skyscrapers under construction. A challenging task setted by themselves into this urban jungle ! Fasten your belt and enjoy KOREAN landscape !"
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"Wilderness. Far from the safety of flat lands and predictable landscapes, three pilots will travel high above the Highlands of Scotland, flying over dark lochs, huge mountains and deep into the beauty of the Scottish wilderness. Providing a unique perspective on an ancient and beautiful land, you'll see the best of Scotland from the air and witness the tricks and skills of some of the best pilots in the world."
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