To be a rover, is to be where we are not expected. it is to fly out of the beaten paths, to flout the law and stretch the limits to face the unknown.


Travel with our paramotors to discover the world and always bring back more images. Fly with friends and face the complexity of these new places.
Scotland for its mountains and its wilderness, but also for its legends. Korea for its urban scenery.

Jump in the city center, touch these ever growing cities, from the tips of the toes.

The pilots team

Pascal Campbell Jones

Co-Founder of Paramania
He’s one of
the most skilled pilot.
One passion: foot draging !
Took part of the Scottish & Korean adventures
Deano Edelridge

UK paramotor champion, he’s the adventurer of the crew.
His passion travelling with is machine !
Took part of the Scottish adventures
Mirron Antipov

Owner of Skyrunner compagny, he’s the mysterious russian
of the team.
The other call him « the fuse » because, when the other are still waiting he’s already far in the sky !
Took part of the Scottish adventure

As the young gipsy of the crew, he’s the first to do some acrobatic shit !
He would sale his sister to be on the next adventure
Took part of the Scottish & Korean Adventures
Glenn Tupper

The american of the crew. Alway with is gopro
in a hand and the throttle in the other !
When he’s not in the sky, he’s looking for the next destination and spots to trash !
Took part of the Korean adventure

Filmmaker crew


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Ahstudio Team

Our concept of Rovers

We developed the concept of « We are the Rovers » with the idea of getting out of the main path of paramotoring. We wanted to create an adventure, dedicated to travelling, and to the freedom of their sport. Trashing some streets, flying above wild hightland, crusing desert, gliding clouds and diving into canyon and inexplored sceneries. It means to get out of the beatten paths, far from a slalom parc, or a flat field in Belgium !
That for us the main spirit of this adventure !

Ahstudio Filmakers was born in 2011 from our desire to combine technique and creativity in the 
world of outdoor sports imagery. All image professionals: Antonin Michaud Soret, photographer and
artistic director, Tomas Schira, cameraman and director of photography, Robin Cnockaert, editor and
FX; we are attracted by the excitement of novelty and our work ethic revolves around listening and
creating quality images for our clients.

As a work principle and way of life we choose travelling and meetings as an inspiration. Through
many kilometres and changes in altitude, sometimes months of preparation just to catch a few
moments worth, the right light, landscape or texture… Discovery is made by experiences as well as
the way we look at it.

The diversity in the team and our own personal experiences give us the potential to respond in a
proactive way to our client demands, and keep control over the artistic and technical aspect of our
work, however we create or display it. The experiences we have acquired during our various trips
and projects have helped us build strong relationships with our partners, for whom we have no
doubt, and steered us towards specific quality professional equipment.