To be a Rover. 

We developed the concept of « We are the Rovers » with the idea of getting out of the main path of paramotoring. We wanted to create an adventure, dedicated to travelling and to the freedom that you can get because of the sport.

Wandering with the wing above some streets, flying above wild highlands, cruising desert, gliding clouds diving into canyon and unexplored sceneries.

It means to get out of the beaten paths, far from a slalom parc or a flat field in Belgium !

That, for us, is the main spirit of these adventures !


Where to go and Why? 

We love to travel with our paramotors to discover the world and to bring back more images. Flying with friends and facing the complexity of these new places is the challenge that we are going for. 
Scotland for its mountains and its wilderness, but also for its legends.
Korea for its urban scenery.

Norway for its untouched mountains, lakes of fresh cold water and the immensity of the Fjords. 
Jump in the city center, touch these ever growing cities, from the tips of our toes.
Flying above mystical castles from passed times. 

Soaring alongside the coastlines. 

Join us and hop on board for the greatest Adventures! 

The Trilogy

We are the Rovers KOREA

“Travelling at the antipodes of wilderness with your paramotor...Buildings, motorways, bridges and city ponds.  Follow our 3 pilots diving in the street, touching cars, feet draging in the water of the harbor and escape in the clouds, above skyscrapers under construction. A challenging task settled by themselves into this urban jungle ! Fasten your belt and enjoy KOREAN landscape !"


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We are the Rovers SCOTLAND

"Wilderness. Far from the safety of flat lands and predictable landscapes, three pilots will travel high above the Highlands of Scotland, flying over dark lochs, huge mountains and deep into the beauty of the Scottish wilderness. Providing a unique perspective on an ancient and beautiful land, you'll see the best of Scotland from the air and witness the tricks and skills of some of the best pilots in the world.


We are the Rovers NORWAY.

““3rd movie of the trilogy, We Are the Rovers Norway will take you on a fantastic human paramotoring adventure and make you discover the beauty of the untouched Norwegian sceneries. The movie will take you out on land, sea and in the air to make you have a feeling of the greatest of the country. The trip is rythmed by the sound of the propellers, the movement of the waves on the BeXplore Boat and the unfinishing roads in the Nomads Bus. A human adventure where laughs, discoveries and the unexpected make every moment unforgettable."