We were not alone. 

We have been incredibly lucky to be partnering up with people and brands that were in the mood of going on an epic adventure together. 
As they have been fully part of the adventure, we are very happy to present you our team of partners. 

Without them, it wouldn't have been that much fun. 

Discover the team of partners hereunder. 
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Why do we have partners?

Working together with partners makes everything better. 
Besides an incredible crew of talented people and smart minds, we are also happy to discover more and have crazier ideas together. 
For example, do you remember that scene where we fly above the bus? Without them, it would have been impossible to do :-) 

Working together with Partners helps to be with the right people at the right time in the right place to make magic happen. 


You want to become a partner? 

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Who are they? 


Reflex: the invisible tail-plane

First devised for tail-less aircraft in the 1930s, the trailing edge of a reflex wing is held down by the air flowing over the canopy and automatically keeps the front of the glider from diving or crumpling, giving increased speed, stability and safety in turbulent conditions.

Reflex Wing’s Mike Campbell-Jones rediscovered and re-engineered the reflex wing for paramotoring in the early 90s and has since refined the wing shapes, the materials and the control systems until today’s Reflex Wings gliders offer safety, agility and speed that pilots of 20 years ago could only dream of.


Capture d’écran 2018-04-17 à 14.48.54.png

Pascal Campbell Jones / Reflex Wings - GTX 

James Borges / Reflex Wings - GTX (Printed Wing) 

Jason Taylor / Reflex Wings - GTS


Louis Garnier Photography

The need of capturing the moment, the magic of an encounter, the joy of a victory…
Louis Garnier, 26 years-old, was born as freestyle skiing photographer. Although he is more than comfortable with shooting extreme sports, Louis remains a real artist stalking rare and pure moments of life. Moved by his need to seize the world around him, here he is, sharing with you every single life experience he had or will have.
The real talent of a photographer is to love. To love places, to love people and, above all, to show this love to others. 


Parajet is committed to establish itself at the forefront of personal aviation and to enrich the lives of pilots around the world. Through its commitment to quality, innovation and customer needs; Parajet aim to build personal aircraft that evoke excitement and the ultimate sensation of freedom.

Innovation is a cornerstone of our success. We think differently and strive to apply innovative thinking and creativity to everything we do. We unlock the energy and creativity of our tribe, embracing the new and different. We embrace this quality in all its varied meanings – original, inventive and resourceful. We love grand endeavours, as well as everyday improvements; continuously challenging and asking ‘why?’.

Pascal Campbell Jones : Parajet Zenith - Vittoratzi Moster Plus

Jason Taylor Parajet : Maverick- Vittoratzi Moster Plus


Our company is born in 2011 from the desire of three mountain, photography and cinema lovers to work together. Antonin Michaud-Soret, designer and photographer, offered Thomas Schira, cinematographer for feature movies, and Robin Knok, cinema editor, to follow him for some paragliding shooting in Spain with Redbull athlete Marvin Ogger. Since then, we have been working with a complete shooting and postproduction crew. The diversity in the team give us the potential to respond in a proactive way to our client demands and our gear consistently updated offer them a true cinema quality. The experience we have acquired during those trips has helped us build strong relationships with our partners, in whom we have total confidence, and steered us towards specific quality professional equipment.


Thérèse-Marie Becker

An entrepreneur since 2010, Therese is a resident web positioning strategist, branding specialist, and social media strategist wizard. Originally from south Belgium, she studied in Brussels for her BE in International Trade, specialising in International Business Management.
After 4 years working in Hotel web marketing and strategy, she shifted her focus to the Outdoor Industry, working as the web content and strategy manager for EpicTV's French audience. Therese speaks four languages and has worked with clients across Europe and as far afield as China and the USA; including Seraphin (Belgium insurtech market leader), Flathold (Swiss climbing hold company), Miles Newlyn from the Newlyn agency, the man behind some of the planet's most famous logos, ELLE magazine Belgium and 3 competitive climbers, all ranked in the world top ten.