Lost in the Fjords. 

Norway. The last destination of the Rovers. Why landing in such a remote place. Far from everything and everywhere? 

It's the 3rd movie of the We Are the Rovers trilogy, We Are the Rovers Norway will take you on a fantastic human paramotoring adventure and make you discover the beauty of the untouched Norwegian sceneries.

The movie will take you out on land, sea and in the air to make you have a feeling of the greatest of the country.

The trip is rythmed by the sound of the propellers, the movement of the waves on the BeXplore Boat and the unfinishing roads in the Nomads Bus. A human adventure where laughs, discoveries and the unexpected make every moment unforgettable." 




They are amongst the best Paramotoring Pilots in the world. Discover the humans who fly in front of those flying machines! 
They have been equiped and were flying with REFLEXWINGS & PARAJET that made the movie possible. 

James BORGE. 

“It’s not really about risk, we try to manage risk as much as possible, If we do that, we get to fly in a way few people experience.”


James & the mighty Rover ambulance van

James & the mighty Rover ambulance van


Co-Founder of Paramania
He is one of the most skilled pilot.
His passion: foot draging !
Took part of the Scottish & Korean adventures


Pascal showing the way to the Nomads bus

Pascal showing the way to the Nomads bus


Active by nature, Jason is always on the lockout for the next adventure, with his head in the clouds. 
When its gailing outside will he stay grounded. Otherwise he con be found soaring the UK skies with a massive smile, celebrating the pure liberation of flying that, since his first flight, he cannot live without.

Jason. Master of freshly cooked fish. 

Jason. Master of freshly cooked fish. 



A sailboat renders unexplored territories accessible

Setting sails with Bexplorer means : discovering new territories, sharing outdoor sport activities, being attended by a professional and cheerful team.

We were charmed by the intensity of the sea, the professionalism of the team and the great atmosphere! 
Even if we have been sea sick because of the wild waves and the unforgiving sea, the journey was totally worth it. 

If you also want to discover life on a boat and go on crazy adventures with a talented crew, search no more and go discover the globe with this cheerful Belgian team! 

"The sailing plan of the coming years is to make a tour of the most iconic and wild spots of the world such as : Spitsbergen, Greenland, North West Passage, Antarctica, Patagonia’s canals, Polynesia, Papua, Kamchatka,… One of the step was to survive to the Rovers crew ! What an epic trip."

For more informations, booking and stoke have a look here >>



"The luxury of a hostel, the freedom of a camper van, the hospitality of a welcoming family."

That's probably what made us fall for the charm of this big yellow bus. (And the amazing breakfasts from Val) The nomads family is cheerful and joyful. Always curious for the next adventures, we have been lucky to be sharing their daily life during the last We Are the Rovers adventure. Norway has been an ideal place, long roads where we could play in the air high above the bus while Tim was being an excellent pilot, always ready to put in action the crazy adventures and stunt ideas we came up with. 
Fenna was a sunshine for the whole crew, keeping the stoke really high with her cute drawings, lovely singing and cheerful smiles. 

"For us, The nomads bus project is all about our love for the open road and the adventures it brings, sharing our way of life and connecting with other people. No other possibility than to say yes, when the Rovers crew contacted us to do some miles together onboard the bus and in the air. " 

If you want to spend some time in the company of this cool crew this summer or next winter, you can find the info here and share their adventures here: 

Gallery of the Pilots